During my time living in western Canada, I visited the beautiful Rocky Mountains every chance I got. During one of those visits, my 8 year old grandson, visiting from Nova Scotia, took a leap, for the first time, from a 3-meter diving board. He later told me that he was afraid, but he refused to back off that board. I am now taking a similar "leap of faith", after retiring from my 36 year career in the financial industry.......I am, like young Christopher, a bit afraid of the unknown, but he taught me NOT to back off that board. So I invite you to come along for the ride as I jump into the world of shooting photos for an income. I don't consider myself a "professional" - I hate that word - just someone who loves photography, people, and the art of bringing the two together.

*Update: It is now 2015...Christopher is a strapping 13 year old high school junior...he's still teaching me things....the rest of the original message still applies.